I’m just a teenage dirt-bag, baby

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I have two rather sad confessions to make: first, I’m a huge fan of this track by Wheatus – what happened to them by the way? – and secondly, I sometimes sneak about the internet spying on discussion groups talking about Outlaw. I don’t log in – it’s too much hassle to join the discussion […]

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Harry Potter and the Left Hand of God

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I have had a couple of stern comments from readers recently, the gist of which has been: Stop slacking off, reading other people’s books and wittering on about them online, and get on with writing your own. They mean it, I think, as a compliment – they liked Outlaw and are looking forward to the […]

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Caitlin Moran and the last of the Vikings

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Last week Caitlin Moran wrote in the Alpha Mummy blog in The Times – timesonline.typepad.com/alphamummy/ – that when she was a child and finished a particularly good book she would cry. Now I don’t normally read the Alpha Mummy blog, it’s not really my sort of thing, bit too mimsy-mumsy for me, but I’ll read anything, […]

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The Bernard Cornwell conundrum

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Happy new year everyone! Last summer, I posted that there was a secret message, a sort of joke, in my first book Outlaw that concerned the master of action-driven historical fiction, my literary hero Bernard Cornwell. I invited any reader to discover the reference to the great man, which I had inserted in a passage […]

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