Eurovision: who really won tonight?

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Nothing to do with Robin Hood, but I’ve just been watching the Eurovision Song Contest (or is it now just called Eurovision 2010?) and felt like making a comment. And it’s my blog, so I can do what I damn well like on it, particularly this late at night. The UK came last, rather shamefully, […]

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Another Robin Hood: the more the merrier, I say

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There’s just no stopping our boy in Lincoln green. The marketing guys at my publisher’s got sent this press release for a new (and I’d guess rather low-budget) Robin Hood movie and accompanying book. It looks quite fun, and my attitude to Robin Hood interpretations is the more the merrier. So check out this website. […]

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Insanely brilliant 5: Her Majesty’s Loyal Regiment of Hacks

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I’ve just read a great quote in The Telegraph (see, told you I wasn’t going to read Times Online any more). It was about Cameron defending his shiny new coalition Government and its wheeze to shelve any plan that he and Nick Clegg can’t immediately agree on by saying a commission will look into the issue. […]

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Bad news: Robin Hood, Russell Crowe and me

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Bad news this week: I have just been to see the long-awaited Hollywood blockbuster movie Robin Hood, starring Russell Crowe, and I was really disappointed. What a huge waste of money and talent! You’ve got some of the world’s best actors and filmmakers involved in a multi-million dollar project and what you get is an […]

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Insanely brilliant 4: the rugby solution

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I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up with all this political wrangling: endless talk about a Lib-Con deal; a Lib-Lab pact, a “rainbow government”, a progressive coalition, AV, and AV plus . . . Get on with it, you guys! We’ve got an economy in tatters and it needs fixing, pronto! There is […]

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