We are all family – even Alexander Armstrong

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Morning all, I was watching Who Do You think You Are a few days ago and saw the comedian Alexander Armstrong tracing his family all the way back to William the Conquerer. At first I was rather impressed – and a bit jealous: I’d love to be able to do the same but sadly the […]

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God save Ireland

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I’ve just got back from a terrific boozy weekend in Dublin, visiting my friend Neil. We were as close as brothers in our late teens but I haven’t seen much of him since. It was a really good craic, as they say over the water, catching up with my old mate after more than twenty […]

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News in brief: King’s Man to be a hardback

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Quick news update, folks: I heard today from my brilliant editor at Little, Brown that King’s Man (Book 3 of my Robin Hood saga) will be published next year in hardback. Hooray! I’m rather excited by this: I always felt that my first two books (Outlaw and Holy Warrior) were not somehow proper books as […]

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Oliver Stone, Colin Farrell and The Mousetrap

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I used to work for The Times newspaper, which was quite a good rag for a while but, naturally, it has totally gone downhill since I left two and a half years ago to do my Robin Hood thing. But I remember one competition that the paper ran in T2 back in the day which […]

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