Warlord is written – Hallelujah!

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I finished the first draft of Warlord (book 4) this week, and sent it off to my agent. That’s a great weight off my mind – I still have loads of work to do on the book, editing, polishing, writing the historical notes, drawing up a couple of maps . . . but basically the […]

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Sneak peek at the cover of Warlord

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Hi chaps, My publisher just sent me this jpeg of the cover of Warlord. We’re going to do a couple of tiny tweaks but, basically, this is it. I was blown away; I think it is fan-bloody-tastic: powerful, dramatic, and pretty damn cool. But I’d love to hear what all you guys think. The book […]

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Vengeance: killing a couple of avians with a rock

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Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been chatting to people on the Barnes & Noble site about my first book Outlaw. I’ve been putting a little bit of effort into this:  B&N are one of the last chains of actual book shops still standing in these economically troubled times, so they deserve support on […]

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I’m beginning to think God quite likes me

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Wow! Stunning news today. I’m going to be having a son in February. I knew, obviously, that I was going to have a something in the new year – but I found out at the scan today that it’s a boy. Excellent news! While I love my little daughter Emma very, very much, there is […]

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