My visit last year to Oxenfurt

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In the spring of 2010, when I was researching King’s Man, I paid a visit to Oxenfurt in Bavaria for a crucial scene between Alan Dale and Richard the Lionheart. Those of you who have read King’s Man will know why this place is important for the story, the rest of you . . . […]

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Win a free, signed, hardback copy of Warlord

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I think I’m going to institute a new prize. Not a literary prize (God knows, I’m never going to win one of those) but a readers’ prize. I’m going to give out points – called Golden Arrows or GAs – for anyone who helps me to promote my books to a wider audience. I know […]

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Whet your appetite with a snippet from Warlord

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Hi guys, I’m in the process of editing Warlord, and I’ve just been working on this bit in the middle of the book, which I’m rather proud of. I thought I’d share it with you all, as a teaser for the book. Alan Dale and his squire Thomas are in Paris walking down a wide […]

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Christmas with Robin Hood and Alan Dale

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I know it’s still a little early, but I’m starting to think about Christmas presents. Usually, I’m the sort of guy who rushes out on Christmas Eve and in a blind panic buys the first ten objects he lays his eyes on in the nearest superstore – I once bought my older brother Jamie a […]

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