2014 and all that

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Well, another year has passed and it’s been the usual roller-coaster. Grail Knight came out in paperback in the spring in the UK, and The Iron Castle, which I think is my best yet, came out in the summer. In November, Grail Knight came out in the USA. But, for reasons of dire poverty, I […]

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Portsmouth Literary Festival

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Hi guys, If anyone is in Portsmouth on Friday (November 7, 2014), I’m doing a talk with Michael Jecks and Jim Burge on Sex, Love and Violence in the Middle Ages in the Library at 7pm. Do come if you are in the area, buy a book and say hello. I’ve done this talk before […]

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Nice review from Kirkus for Grail Knight

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I was sent this very positive review of Grail Knight from Kirkus magazine in America, which I though I would share with you. They “starred” it, which is a mark of some regard, I gather. Here goes: The fifth book in The Outlaw Chronicles (Warlord, 2013, etc.) concludes Robin Hood’s quest for the Holy Grail […]

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Off to Herstmonceaux tomorrow

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I’m off to Herstmonceaux in Sussex tomorrow http://www.englandsmedievalfestival.com I’ll be signing books, doing readings, and probably drinking quite a lot of beer over the weekend. Come along and say hello any time (Sat 23 Aug to Mon 25 Aug 2014, 10am to 6pm) and you can buy me a drink and get me to sign a […]

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Review of The Iron Castle in The Times

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The Times was kind enough to run this review of The Iron Castle last weekend. I’m very pleased. This is the latest volume of the “Outlaw Chronicles”, Angus Donald’s gloriously entertaining reboot of the Robin Hood legend. Sir Alan Dale, once Robin’s faithful sidekick, is spending his old age remembering the past. He has now […]

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