Some background info about The Iron Castle

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Warning this post contains SPOILERS.   I am one of those people who always looks at the Historical Note before he finished reading the book. It’s very naughty, I know. But it occurred to me that some of you might feel the same way. If the history of the Siege of Chateau Gaillard is unfamiliar […]

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Chateau Gaillard gallery

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As you no doubt know, The Iron Castle is all about the real siege of Chateau Gaillard (1203/04). Here are some pictures of the castle, which is near Rouen in Normandy, to get you in the mood for the book which comes out in three weeks time (July 3). Enjoy:           […]

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The siege of Chateau Gaillard

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Hello chaps, There are just three weeks to go until The Iron Castle is released and so I thought I should probably tell you a little bit about what the book is about. There are other plot-lines and episodes, but the core of the book is about the siege of Chateau Gaillard (1203-04) in which […]

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