The Death of Robin Hood cover

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Here is the cover of the final book in the series: The Death of Robin Hood. It comes out in hardback in the UK on August 4, in the US in November, I think. Hope you like it.

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Good news for US fans of Robin Hood

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Hi guys, It seems that the issues over availability of my books in America are being addressed. All the published books (including the short stories) are now up on as Kindle editions (see link below), and the “tree books” The Iron Castle (OC 6) and The King’s Assassin (OC 7) will be available in […]

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Perfect cold cure? Chinese chicken noodle soup

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I know that this blog is supposed to be about my Robin Hood books. But, today, I don’t really have anything to say about my gangster-ish friend in Lincoln green. I’ve written eight books; just finished the last one – The Death of Robin Hood – which is with my publisher and will be out […]

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The King’s Assassin for US readers

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If any of my American readers want to get hold of a signed copy of The King’s Assassin, a London bookshop called Goldsboro Books has a few copies and will ship it abroad. It’s probably not cheap, but some people may be interested as Assassin won’t come out in the US till November 2016. Anyway, […]

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The King’s Assassin now out in UK

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Book Number 7 of the Outlaw Chronicles is now out. If you’ve bought it online, read it and liked it, please do a short review somewhere (Amazon or whichever site you bought it from). Thanks very much!

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