The Rise of Robin Hood reduced to 99p

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Hi folks,

My first short story – The Rise of Robin Hood – which came out in March 2013 has now been cut in price to 99p. (You can buy it from Amazon on the link below.) So if you thought it was too expensive then (it was £1.49, a reasonable price for the work I put into it, I still think) now is your chance to snap it up. Less than a pound; less than the price of a cup of tea in The Times canteen: have at it all you bargain hunters! Enjoy!

2 responses to “The Rise of Robin Hood reduced to 99p”

  1. shane says:

    Hi Angus,it’s been a long time since my last comment.I read all three short stories and thought they were fab.We faithful followers need more.At least one a month.PLEASE!!!!

  2. AngusD says:

    Hi Shane _ I won’t be doing any more short stories in the near future. But I am thinking, perhaps of doing a novella. Maybe. We’ll see. Hope all well with you. Regards, Angus

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